11 Famous People Who Attended Yale

58f09b22-43c9-4054-ba49-588de313d2e4_60-Eli_Whitney_engraving_from_1846_memoirEli Whitney

Earning his B.A. in 1792 from Yale, Eli Whitney was an American inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin. It was the key invention to the Industrial Revolution, shaping the economy of the South. It essentially allowed cotton to become a profitable crop by significantly increasing productivity. Continue Reading


Do you have what it takes to become a lawyer?

It is quite common for those who begin to explore careers in law to ask yourself certain questions like:

  • How do you actually become a lawyer?
  • What type of person becomes a lawyer and does this fit you?
  • What is a lawyer’s job description?
  • What different types of law can you pursue?

Sometimes asking yourself these questions leads back to one main question: Do you have the ambition and what it takes to succeed in a law career?

One thing to take into consideration it so to remember that careers in law are not like they are depicted in movies and TV shows. Many people pursue a career in law because they find it fascinating on the big screen. Although this might be fine, just remember that these shows are not at all what the real world is like and that their main goal is to entertain with drama and highly unusual circumstances. Continue Reading


6 Weird Things About Yale

Attending Yale is a great achievement but, at the same time, there are a few strange things lingering about. Here are a few:

Particle Accelerator

279897120_ad2ed00834_oAs depicted in many movies and TV shows such as The Flash, we have the Particle Accelerator. There is a large room which houses the accelerator unit, which consists of an ionizer that produces negatively charged ions. To do this they need 100,000 volts. This is pushed into a school bus sized tube which stores a positive charge of about 18 million volts to further accelerate the particle.

The purpose of this is to accelerate the particles to the speed of light. There is much mystery behind the scientific theories regarding matter traveling at light speed. Continue Reading


Different Types of Lawyers

Some people may not realize it but there are quite a variety of different lawyers. Many people immediately imagine mahogany desks and courtrooms when someone mentions the word lawyer. But there are so many types, not all are as fancy as we are led to believe. To some extent we all do know there are many different lawyers but do you ever wonder just how many? Well, here they are:

General Practice Lawyer

This is the most common type of lawyer. A General Practice Lawyer is usually the lawyer people go to in order to seek legal advice over small disputes. They also work as a notary public.

Family Lawyer

Everything concerning the matters of the family, including divorces, child custody battles, and child support requests are dealt with by a Family Lawyer. Continue Reading


Weird Lawsuits that Actually Won

Before I began law school I thought maybe by attending I would get some insight on why ridiculous cases that appear in the news end up winning, while on the other hand lawsuits that seem to focus on a legitimate concern is quickly thrown out of court. I have yet to know exactly why, other than the fact that it depends on how convincing the legal argument is and not how stupid the people involved appear to be.

McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lawsuit

The one I remember really well is the hot coffee from McDonald’s lawsuit. If you are over thirty years old, you probably remember it too. In Liebeck v McDonald’s, Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old woman from New Mexico purchased a cup of coffee from a drive through McDonalds. She removed the lid spilled the entire cup of coffee on her lap, and scalded her thighs, Continue Reading


Excellent Places to Eat Near Yale University

One of the things you learn after being at law school for a short period, is the wonderful places to eat. It’s important to recharge yourself in between exams and studying and hitting some nice eateries is important. Here are some places I heard of before I went and tried them out. You should too. Now I’m not just talking about places in New Haven. I’m talking about places nearby. Nearby, I mean, you’ve had it. You’re done with studying and it’s late and all you want to do is slip on your shoes, shuffle down the street, and waltz right into some of the best food in the area.


1-generator-london-bar-areaEveryone loves pizza right? So let’s start there. A place that many people at Yale frequent because of their brick oven pizza is Bar. If you’ve never been before, you need to try their mashed potato pizza. It truly is to die for. The potato mixed with garlic, parmesan cheese, oregano and thyme is awesome. Get that with bacon slices on top. You’re now in heaven. Continue Reading


Normal Fears of Yale Law School

As I make my way through law school I continue to have fears. I have talked with others who share the same fears and concerns I do. Law school is not an easy feat, and naturally fears are apt to creep up inside of us. Doubts. Worries. Concerns. Questions.

The Dream (Nightmare)

I have the dreams at night where I am somewhere on the Yale campus and it’s not quite recognizable to me. I know that I should know where it is. Usually I am standing on the ground looking up at tall buildings all around me. Those buildings become more and more overwhelming, and other Yale students make their way in and out of these buildings as if they have no fears. They are following a schedule, performing the day’s ritualistic dance of going from class to class, and there I stand. Continue Reading


8 Blogs to Help You Through Law School

A Law Student’s Journey

This blog is written and maintained by Kitty who wound up in law school because she just didn’t know what else to do. She is now a former law student and now an attorney. The blog shares how she made her way through law school and one big piece of advice she provides her readers is that the only way to get through, is to enjoy life on the outside of school.

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