Types of Lawyers

Different Types of Lawyers

Some people may not realize it but there are quite a variety of different lawyers. Many people immediately imagine mahogany desks and courtrooms when someone mentions the word lawyer. But there are so many types, not all are as fancy as we are led to believe. To some extent we all do know there are many different lawyers but do you ever wonder just how many? Well, here they are:

General Practice Lawyer

This is the most common type of lawyer. A General Practice Lawyer is usually the lawyer people go to in order to seek legal advice over small disputes. They also work as a notary public.

Family Lawyer

Everything concerning the matters of the family, including divorces, child custody battles, and child support requests are dealt with by a Family Lawyer.

Employment Lawyer

Sometimes there are disputes that arise between an employer and an employee. Usually an Employment Lawyer helps with protecting the rights of an employee in terms of wages, job security issues, and other employment concerns in regards to the law.

Corporate Lawyer

There are Corporate Lawyers who work for corporations to ensure that all transactions are legal. Most of the very large corporations hire their own private lawyers to do this, and they will work only for the company and get paid a decent wage. In smaller corporations it’s likely the corporate lawyer is working privately and handling multiple accounts.

Autism Lawyer

An Autism Lawyer helps to protect the rights of those with autism in case these rights are being violated.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

This type of lawyer deals with cases of bankruptcy, having to prove to the court that the client is no longer capable of paying his debts due to insufficient funds.

Commercial Bankruptcy Lawyer

Like a typical bankruptcy lawyer, this type of lawyer handles bankruptcy cases for organizations and companies. It’s a bit more complicated because there are legal disputes that must also be settled between the company and creditors, as well as employees.

Criminal Lawyer

In America, anyone accused of a crime needs the proper representation. The sole job of a criminal lawyer is to prove the client’s innocence. However, if the evidence is strong, the lawyer can negotiate a plea settlement.

Deportation Lawyer

This type of lawyer focuses mainly on deportation and immigration policies. A person who might be accused of staying in a country illegally may hire a deportation lawyer to fight for his right to stay.

DUI Lawyer

A DUI lawyer helps negotiate with the court to provide the client with a lesser punishment and offer recommendations for alternative penalties such as community service.

Inheritance Lawyer

Inheritance lawyers help heirs determine their rights when fighting for an inheritance claim.

Spousal Support Lawyer

In the event of a divorce, this type of lawyer can help a spouse determine what their rights are.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

This type of lawyer will help heirs in the event of a wrongful death. They will help to claim compensation and recuperation of losses that might have been incurred due to the wrongful death.

Discrimination Lawyer

This type of lawyer will help you fight for compensation for both the financial and emotional damages caused by discrimination. This is more common in the workplace.

Construction Lawyer

Construction lawyers help builders acquire the necessary permits in order to legally construct a building. Sometimes this may only require consultation, but in larger jobs it typically covers the preparation of necessary documents for going through the process.

Birth Injury Lawyer

In case of medical malpractice during the birth of a baby, this type of lawyer will be needed to protect your rights.

Health Insurance Lawyer

If you have been denied health insurance coverage, this lawyer will you go after health insurance companies.

Contract Lawyer

Contract Lawyers assist you in times of business when signing contracts. They can also prepare contracts between you and clients, as well as review the content of the contracts.

Accident Lawyer

An Accident Lawyer can represent either the victim or the culprit of the accident to settle the legal responsibilities and financial compensation between the two parties.

Traffic Lawyer

If you get a traffic ticket, this type of lawyer will help with the dispute. It is your word against the police officer, so using a lawyer is wise because you’ll need someone with knowledge about traffic law.

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