Yale Law School

Normal Fears of Yale Law School

As I make my way through law school I continue to have fears. I have talked with others who share the same fears and concerns I do. Law school is not an easy feat, and naturally fears are apt to creep up inside of us. Doubts. Worries. Concerns. Questions. The Dream (Nightmare) I have the […]

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Places to Eat Near Yale University

Excellent Places to Eat Near Yale University

One of the things you learn after being at Yale law school for a short period, is the wonderful places to eat. It’s important to recharge yourself in between exams and studying and hitting some nice eateries is important. Here are some places I heard of before I went and tried them out. You should […]

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yale science lab

6 Weird Things About Yale

Attending Yale is a great achievement but, at the same time, there are a few strange things lingering about in this prestigious university. Whether you want to be a chemist or a lawyer, there are plenty of strange things to consider. Here are a few: Particle Accelerator As depicted in many movies and TV shows […]

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