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Legal Ethics Forum highlighted a pair of recent Yale Law Journal Online essays: Lawrence Fox’s The Gang of Thirty-Three: Taking the Wrecking Ball to Client Loyalty, and James W. Jones and Anthony E. Davis’s In Defense of a Reasoned Dialogue about Law Firms and Their Sophisticated Clients. The essays debate the merits of proposed “sophisticated client” amendments to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Legal Theory Blog recommended Edward K. Cheng’s forthcoming essay, Reconceptualizing the Burden of Proof, which argues that characterizing the burden of proof as an absolute probability threshold is wrong and views it instead as a probability ratio. A draft of the essay is available on SSRN.

Legal Theory Blog also ordered readers to “know [W.N.] Hohfeld” because his “typology of rights from his book Fundamental Legal Conceptions is, well, fundamental.” As background reading, the blog assigned two YLJ articles: Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld, Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning, 26 YALE L.J. 710 (1917), and Walter Wheeler Cook, Hohfeld’s Contribution to the Science of Law, 28 YALE L.J. 721 (1918).

Bleacher Report brought YLJ content to a new audience in a profile of Supreme Court Justice Byron White’s career in football and law. The article directed readers to Paul Tagliabue’s A Tribute to Byron White, written in 2003 after the death of Justice White.

An article published in the Michigan Law Review found that YLJ content is among the most cited in legal scholarship. Of the hundred most-cited legal articles of all time, eighteen were published in YLJ. Of the top hundred articles of the last twenty years, seventeen graced YLJ’s pages.

Alumni News

The third-year editors of Volume 121 graduated in May and published their final issue this month. The Volume 122 editorial board congratulates them and wishes them great success in their future endeavors.

To share recent alumni news with us, please contact alumni@yalelawjournal.org.


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