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Journal Joins Legal Workshop E-mail

The Legal Workshop

The Yale Law Journal has recently become a contributing member of The Legal Workshop, joining Cornell Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Georgetown Law Journal, NYU Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, Stanford Law Review, and William and Mary Law Review. For its debut post, YLJ has contributed The Incidental Unconstitutionality of the Individual Mandate, by Gary S. Lawson and David B. Kopel.

The post is based on Gary Lawson & David B. Kopel, Bad News for Professor Koppelman: The Incidental Unconstitutionality of the Individual Mandate, 121 Yale L.J. Online 267 (2011), http://yalelawjournal.org/2011/11/08/lawson&kopel.html. That YLJO Essay was written as a reply to Andrew Koppelman, Bad News for Mail Robbers: The Obvious Constitutionality of Health Care Reform, 121 Yale L.J. Online 1 (2011), http://yalelawjournal.org/2011/04/26/koppelman.html. For subsequent installments in this series, see Andrew Koppelman, Bad News for Everybody: Lawson and Kopel on Health Care Reform and Originalism, 121 Yale L.J. Online 515 (forthcoming March 2012); and Gary Lawson & David B. Kopel, Bad News for John Marshall, 121 Yale L.J. Online 529 (forthcoming March 2012).

Recent Media Coverage of YLJ Content

In a post on Election Law Blog, Professor Rick Hasen has recommended Fran Faircloth’s Comment, The Future of the Voting Rights Act: Lessons from the History of School (Re-)Segregation. The comment was published in the January 2012 issue of The Yale Law Journal. Faircloth is Managing Editor of Volume 121 and a third-year student at Yale Law School.


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