Author’s Story

One of the very first things my grandmother told me before I ventured off to Yale was to make sure I kept a diary or some journal to document my life while I was away. I’ve always been real close to her as she nearly raised me when both my parents went back to school. She told me that getting into such a prestigious college was very rare and I could someday become a well-known lawyer. So it was imperative I did this. Of course she told me to send her letters each week.

I have for the most part. Some weeks I’ve just been too busy and they seem to fly by, but I assure her I am keeping a journal. But there are some things that aren’t extremely personal that I believe could benefit others who might be in the same situation as me or possibly someone else looking to get into Yale.

Therefore, I have created this blog to cover a wide range of topics that pertain to Yale and to law school in general. Some of the things I cover will be for entertainment value, while others will be more informative. I feel I have something to share with others and I think the information here is very valuable.

I will do the best I can to inform those who may want to come to Yale in the future and what sort of things to expect. Not just on an academic level but what the entire experience is like. From studying and exams, to the people and night life. What sort of things are there to go do and what kind of places are there to eat at?

Being from New England myself, I am quite familiar with the people of Connecticut but Yale has an entirely different feel and culture than I had ever expected. I grew up in New Hampshire which is only a hop, skip, and a jump up the interstate into cow country. I remember the first time leaving Yale after I had been there for almost the entire semester, and I hopped into my little red Chevette, and headed North. The feeling I got when my car came zooming into my hometown and I realized I was chiseled from a different cloth than most of my friends at Yale. They had come from all over the place, but me, I had come from up the street.

I remember counting the cows on the ride home and realizing how precious my education and my life was. There were more cows between the state line and my hometown than there were first-year students at Yale. It put a new perspective on things for me, and I plan to share that perspective with those who have an interest in learning about law school and about Yale in general. So please stick around and check out some of the articles I have up. If you see anything of interest, please leave a comment or contact me directly. Thanks.