Excellent Places to Eat Near Yale University

One of the things you learn after being at law school for a short period, is the wonderful places to eat. It’s important to recharge yourself in between exams and studying and hitting some nice eateries is important. Here are some places I heard of before I went and tried them out. You should too. Now I’m not just talking about places in New Haven. I’m talking about places nearby. Nearby, I mean, you’ve had it. You’re done with studying and it’s late and all you want to do is slip on your shoes, shuffle down the street, and waltz right into some of the best food in the area.


1-generator-london-bar-areaEveryone loves pizza right? So let’s start there. A place that many people at Yale frequent because of their brick oven pizza is Bar. If you’ve never been before, you need to try their mashed potato pizza. It truly is to die for. The potato mixed with garlic, parmesan cheese, oregano and thyme is awesome. Get that with bacon slices on top. You’re now in heaven.


Louis’ Lunch


Want a nice juicy burger? Louis’ Lunch is the place for this. It’s known for having strange hours so make sure it’s open before heading there. The owner sometimes just opens and other times closes without warning. So I have been told, but haven’t actually been there to witness it firsthand. But, the good news is that the burgers come off old vertical grill racks and positioned between two pieces of white toast. It’s an interesting place because you can’t have condiments. Oh no. Only thing available is velveeta cheese. But it’s worth it… and if you know what you’re getting into when you walk in, you certainly will not be disappointed.

Ivy Noodle

Ivy Noodle.0

The Curry Tofu Noodle Soup is what many people in the area are after late at night. Done studying? Grab a friend or two and head down to the Ivy Noodle and grab some. Another thing that is tasty is the fried pork dumplings. To die for!




For those who like sushi, Miya’s is the place to go. Don’t worry when you see the goat cheese and potato skins in your sushi. You’ll enjoy it.


Coffee Shops


If all you are looking for is a nice place to escape and sip coffee, you have a couple of options. Across from the Yale University Art Gallery is Atticus Bookstore/Café. Another place with a study-friendly atmosphere is Blue State Coffee.


pizza-1More Pizza

Pizza is always delicious. Named after a former Yale football player is the Wenzel from Alpha Delta Pizza. Enjoy buffalo chicken, hot sauce, mozzarella cheese, and some lettuce and tomato in a long sub roll. Perfect for late night eating after some serious studying. It’s fried, plenty spicy, dripping with hot sauce, and oozing melted cheese. Okay, now I’m hungry!


the-american-grilled-cheese-kitchen-mmmmm-cheesy-l-43409c07abe08177Caseus Grilled Cheese

Caseus Grilled Cheese is the place to go for your perfect grilled cheese sandwich oozing with cheese. You can get a variety of flavors like Crimini Mushroom and Alter Schweizer Cheese to name a few options.



Ibiza-AirportLastly, Ibiza is the place to go for a fancy, authentic Spanish food dinner. This place is ideal for taking those who come to visit you. They’ll be impressed.

Being from New England myself, I am quite familiar with the people of Connecticut but Yale has an entirely different feel and culture than I had ever expected. I grew up in New Hampshire which is only a hop, skip, and a jump up the interstate into cow country. I remember the first time leaving Yale after I had been there for almost the entire semester

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