8 Blogs to Help You Through Law School

A Law Student’s Journey

This blog is written and maintained by Kitty who wound up in law school because she just didn’t know what else to do. She is now a former law student and now an attorney. The blog shares how she made her way through law school and one big piece of advice she provides her readers is that the only way to get through, is to enjoy life on the outside of school.


Law Student

This blog is helpful because of its layout. It is broken down into categories which include everything from thinking about law school, admission, taking bar exams, and graduating. The blogger assists readers with how to decide if law school is best for them while offering what you will need and how to go about preparing for important exams.


What I Learned in Law School

This blog is helpful when it comes to discovering and learning what to expect at law school. The writer provides exceptional advice for those who are also thinking about attending law school. For instance, she provides information on what she wished she knew before attending school and gives her best advice for those who are already attending law school.


Legally Challenged

This blog talks about everything law but focuses primarily on first year law students. This helpful site discusses everything from studying habits and writing papers and case briefs to more light-hearted things such as eating habits. By focusing on pre-law, the writer shares with readers how deciding to attend law school came about and what kind of preparations and experiences lead up to it.


Exhibit L- A Blog on Life, Law, Learning, Laughter, Love & Leisure

This blogger in particular talks about her personal experiences going to law school. It doesn’t just cover learning and education but it also includes other things in life. It’s a basic record of her journeys as a law student and then she provides tips and advice on how to survive law school by sharing a few coping mechanisms


Legal Geekery

This blog is actually written by more than one law student. Each of them attend different schools and in different years. This is a great resource as they offer up tops of their own, advice, experiences, and they use the blog as an outlet, letting out steam. It is essentially a stress reliever because of their hectic schedules as law students. It covers so much pertinent information, even covering current events, modern technology, and social networking and how this all relates to law. Check it out.


Beyond the Underground

Another blog that is written by several different types of individuals, it’s a compilation of entries, topics ranging from first year law students to actual attorneys in the field. As you can imagine this is a very great real life resource, as well as providing links to other blogs and resources on the topic of law. They are there to help not just entertain but to learn and see discussion about anything that pertains to the importance of law school.


Vermont Law School – JD Students Law Blog

Yet another blog written by several students of a law school tucked away in the state of Vermont. The blog has entries written by first year, second year, and third year law students, providing readers with a wide scope of information. It provides advice, pointers, and what to expect for each year and how to approach school.


Being from New England myself, I am quite familiar with the people of Connecticut but Yale has an entirely different feel and culture than I had ever expected. I grew up in New Hampshire which is only a hop, skip, and a jump up the interstate into cow country. I remember the first time leaving Yale after I had been there for almost the entire semester

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